SiaPrime Consensus Database as of block height 24872, with timestamp of 1555875603 - Sun Apr 21 19:40:03 UTC 2019
SHA256 hash of = 71003687be9248c2f4c76b07e89346790fa347e701a7b318e5ae15d8394f9f5a
SHA256 hash of extracted consensus.db = 451f1547e31efb0234a94a8700c07f387e6e04a0ce81db6b61835c58fb2e4fbe
SHA256 hash of = e077fd1dd3755cc4b9bf9c530a101e5082b20c22f4e6b859cd3a6331b25388db
SHA256 hash of extracted host.db = 5c8302723a3273007340fc772f544b87e6301da22662173dc1cf64834147944b

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